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This Buck Natural Queen Duvet reverses to Essex Flax with a plain edge.

Buck Natural is 59% Acrylic, 15% Poly and 13% linen

Essex Flax is 55% Linen and 45%  Cotton





Over the last 20 years, TL at Home has partnered with the finest mill in Portugal to create a spectacular and comprehensive collection of fine sheeting and duvets.  Our relationship began through a shared appreciation for creating quality driven products that consistently exceed industry standards.  Therefore, we do not cut corners; we do not skimp on quality and we can be sure that each piece is made with love.

Our sheets start with a base of 400-thread count fabrics that we use as the base sheeting.  We offer one of the following 5 base sheets all at the same price point.  White or Ivory Percale, or White, Ivory or Eggshell Sateen.  Our Percale is crisp and cool while our Sateen sleeps a little warmer and has more drape to it.  We prefer the 400-thread count sheeting for what we consider to be the perfect balance between softness and substance.

The collection organizes into 4 parts.  We have SOLID patterns that feature sheeting where the decorative details are subtle enhancements, EMBROIDERED patterns that feature lovely embroidered detailing that we offer in a range of over 30 colors, SATEEN APPLICATION patterns where we band sateen color strips in unique and lovely ways to create new designs, and APPLIED TRIM patterns where we create patterns using customized trims made from fabrics we select.

In addition to unique designs, we also offer the option for custom sizing in our sheeting patterns.  Need sheets for your custom sized mattress?  We can do that.  Need sheets for your yacht?  We can do that.  Our production occurs one piece at a time, expressly for your order and we take care to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.   We are committed to excellence at every step of the production process.  From design to packaging, you can be sure that your coverlet has been made with love.  You can find the link to our sheeting and duvet homepage here.

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