Sheeting is a very personal item to pick out, especially when it comes to choosing for your own bed. There are so many choices and so many thread counts, fabric options, etc. So, how do you know what’s right for you?

Here at Traditions Linens we are always happy to help you find what is right for you and your home! Between our stocked sheeting and custom made to order sheeting we also have many options for you to choose from. We often hear customers ask us, “Well, what do you like?”. Truth is, it doesn’t matter what we like – you as the purchaser of these sheets will be the one sleeping on them, and we want you to enjoy them!

Here are some basic things to consider when purchasing your next dreamy sheets!


Obviously one of the first things we look at while shopping for anything is the price. Make sure you are spending what you are comfortable with but also keep quality in mind as well. A twenty dollar sheet set is not likely going to last long or fit correctly. Are there good quality sheets for a reasonable price Рyes! See our Stocked Sheeting for high quality at a great price! 

Taupe, Spa Blue, Green, Charcoal, Hot Pink, Navy


Be sure you are getting the right color! Traditions offer’s samples of our sateen colors along with base sheet options for you to have in your home. We are also happy to help make suggestions for any other bedding you may wish to coordinate with your sheeting!

Darby Sheeting


Is it important? Yes and no. The thread count in sheeting is the number of horizontal and vertical threads or yarns per square inch. The higher thread count is supposed to indicate higher quality, but this isn’t always accurate. There are other things that come into play besides thread count when choosing comfortable sheeting like the cotton or material used.

Traditions Linens offers 280 and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheeting with an easy care finish as well as the finest 400 thread count Italian cotton for our custom imported sheeting. All meeting the high standards of Traditions Linens signature quality.


One is not better than the other, it’s simply a personal preference. Percale has a matte finish with a crisp, cool feel. It’s known to be more breathable and is preferred by those who tend to over heat while sleeping or live in a warmer climate. Sateen has a lustrous, smooth finish and is sometimes preferred for this elegant look. It’s slightly heavier than percale and is known to keep heat in.

Still not sure which one you’d prefer? We offer samples of our sateen and percale sheeting, just call our office or send us an email at



Depending on your mattress you may require a fitted sheet with a certain amount of depth. We can help with that! Our standard fitted sheet depth is 18″, which is very generous and fits most mattresses. If your mattress is a special size, our custom imported sheeting can be made to fit your bed perfectly! Just give us a call or email and our Customer Service department will take care of you!


Some sheeting requires more maintenance than others so it’s important to be realistic in this aspect. Our easy care, stocked sheets can be put in a cool washer and low heat dryer. While our imported sheeting we suggest cold water/gentle wash with low-no heat dryer and take out promptly. The maintenance may also affect if you want sateen or percale. Percale is more prone to wrinkling and sometimes requires steaming. But to help, we suggest take the sheeting out of the dryer before it’s completely dry and putting it right on the bed. This will help avoid wrinkling on percale or sateen sheeting!