Vintage Velvet Nicole Shawl


The Vintage Velvet Nicole Shawl from TL at Home is a single layer of our silk and rayon velvet. This Vintage Shawl has a shimmery light catching gorgeousness to it, that will make it one of your favorites.  Keep this in your purse for sudden chilly restaurants, air travel or whenever you want to cover your shoulders in an elegant way.  This is also a wonderful gift for all ages!

Made to Order in Upstate New York.

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Vintage Velvet, is a magically beautiful velvet which consists of silk and rayon, the beauty of it inspires us daily.  We knew that our velvet was beloved in our bedding collections for the gorgeous drape and the way it picks up every ray of light.  We started to imagine what would happen if we made wearable accessory pieces out of velvet, the response has been spectacular, and that makes us so happy!

Our TL at Home style is classic and refined, we wanted our shawls and wraps to have that same sensibility.  What we have come up with is a collection of useful pieces that will put the finishing touches onto any outfit.  We like to call it the jewelry piece, this is because the rich colors and shimmery hand make you feel fabulous wrapped up in it.

Our team of expert seamstresses creates each piece by hand in Upstate New York.  All accessories will tolerate machine washing and drying.  Our velvet will come out of the dryer perfect, but if wrinkles appear, you can use a steamer to refresh it.  You can find the link to our accessories homepage here.

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