Meet Amber Dutton, TL at Home Production Manager

A valued and integral member of our team, Amber brings equal parts skill and positivity to her leadership role at our headquarter operations in Hudson, NY.

She is originally from the Hudson area, and joined our team about 18 months ago after studying and working in theater.

Earlier in her career,  she custom-crafted costumes for Broadway shows in New York City, and later managed the costume department for a theater in Albany, NY.

Since joining us 18 months ago, Amber has taken charge of our production department.

In her words: “I manage our inventory, I process all of the orders, I help her execute designs, I manage the made-to-order process, I even sew custom orders once in a while. Plus, I manage our website. I’ve even designed some of our pillows.”

Count Barrington, Brooklyn and Izzy among Amber’s original creations for TL at Home.

But one of her most valuable contributions is her ability to understand my design vision, as TL’s owner + creative.

Amber is similarly minded to me in how she organizes her thoughts around design. I can tell her anything and she totally understands what I want, and can offer constructive feedback to make it better. I don’t have to explain concepts to her from here to Sunday. She gets it all, from the get-go.

Amber is smart, capable and creative, and an all-around pleasure to work with. She has transformed our production department and has her hands on every order.

“Olà” from PORTUGAL!

I’m thrilled to be back at the Guimarães Home Fashion Week (which starts today and runs through April 8)!

After being away for three long years, it’s truly a joy to be seeing in person my lovely colleagues at the show and my partner mills – where many of TL at Home’s most naturally luxurious bedding collections are expertly crafted.

Happily, my agenda is booked solid with appointments, factory meetings & lunches and dinners. I’m very busy! But I’m also very much enjoying these opportunities to spend quality time with TL at Home’s valued vendors.

My husband, Travis, came along with me and we’ve carved some personal time later this week to visit nearby Porto. We’ll be staying at a charming “pousada” (or inn) and enjoy the breezy oceanside vistas, explore the town’s historic sights and dine on fresh-caught seafood at some of the locals’ favorite restaurants.

Senior Trade Officer Maria da Graça Freitas of the Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency (which assists show organizer Portuguese Home Textiles Association @HomefromPortugal) had these kind words to share:

“We have known Shari for a long time, and we value the appreciation that she has shown for the Portuguese home textile industry. It means a lot to us that Shari has been able to establish long lasting relationships with Portuguese manufacturers, which attest both to her pursuit of high-quality products and the assurance that she can depend on Portuguese companies to achieve her goals.”

Muito obrigado, Maria!