Reimagining Traditions…

Today, unlike any other time in recent memory, we as a society have been forced into doing just that, especially around the holidays.

Specifically for us here at TL at Home, we, too, have needed to reimagine our “Traditions” – adapting products and services around supply chain interruptions, responding to shifting trends, etc.

But change, as they say, is a good thing, and it’s also good to accept that truth to move forward successfully – both as an individual and as a business.

As owner + creative of TL at Home, I encourage my team to embrace the many evolving changes that continue to confront us. We are up to the challenges and are grateful for the opportunities to serve our customers’ varying needs.

I credit our collective can-do attitude with fueling our success, driving sales and keeping us busier than ever. We’re juggling myriad orders from customers and at the same time finalizing our 2022 catalog and new collections for the New Year. It’s hard to come up for air sometimes these days!

Which is exactly why I’m making a point to PAUSE…and…BREATHE.

With the holiday season upon us, I’m carving quality time with my family and friends. The Klines – me, my husband Travis and our teenage sons Gavin and Tait – will be celebrating an early Thanksgiving dinner with my mother in law & TL at Home founder Pamela Kline at her home here in Columbia County.

Then, we four will be off to Colorado to participate in the U.S. Elite Camps ski training. We’ll be there with other skiing families and friends over Thanksgiving week. I plan to take a break to meet up with our @CODARUS sales duo Robin Dorn and Becky Anderson to visit some of our customers in the area.

Come Thanksgiving Day, we’ll enjoy our feast with the other families and coaches traveling with us. To be sure, it won’t be the usual Thanksgiving festivity we typically have at home in Hudson, NY.

But I’m OK with a change this time around, as long as I’m with my three beloved men.

Whatever your plans this holiday season, we wish you many blessings!

And on behalf of our TL at Home team, we THANK YOU for your continued friendship and support.

With love,