And That’s A Wrap!

We just completed our photo shoot for our 2022 Catalog, and now we’re finalizing all the images to get the pages to the printer in time for the book’s release in January!
A harmonious balance of hard work and plenty of fun, the experience was a true labor of love – made possible by dear family and friends.
Among them, my sister-in-law Elizabeth Kline Murphy, a freelance producer, who worked in tandem with photographer John Gruen of JRG Photo to make the process a success.
As Elizabeth put it, we had “a wonderful group of artists working together, being creative and enjoying what they do. I think that usually shows in the photos as well when everything is aligned in good energy.”
Indeed! The result is a thoughtful and enchanting portfolio of images featuring artfully assembled vignettes that juxtapose industrial architectural elements and vintage pieces with TL at Home’s latest batch of soft, textural luxury linens.
“Shari’s new collection speaks of graceful textures and a subtle natural elegance that work beautifully in our raw studio space,” Elizabeth added. “One thing that I love about our space is it’s history and all of the different industrial textures mixed with the light coming in from our old glass – this lends itself to being able to play with the other textures from her textiles in a very organic and mutually beneficial way. Tough, old industry meets soft natural elegance – opposites attract, if you will. One pallet is a perfect setting for the other.”