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As we get closer to Las Vegas Market, which marks this summer’s last trade show, I can’t help but think about how much has changed and what we’ve learned from the COVID-19 experience.

High Point Market in June was a whirlwind, proving our industry was ripe to reunite in person, safely. Then, Atlanta Market in July represented another important event for us with significant orders from key customers.

Our sights are now set on Las Vegas Market, Aug. 22-26. But caution is top of mind, as the Delta variant continues to sweep the nation and unvaccinated people are getting sick from the virus. There is still much fear and concern about how to proceed responsibly while balancing the growing and evolving needs of running a business.

That includes TL at Home. At Las Vegas Market, we are located in the CODARUS showroom, Building C-354, and will be following the safety guidelines and protocols of show organizer International Market Centers (IMC): Every attendee is required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

In the meantime, here at home in Hudson, NY, we busy fulfilling orders from our growing customer base. We are scaling up our production capabilities to meet rising demands, and keeping our commitment to service – first and foremost in our minds. We value the customer experience over everything else. Our customer service team, led by Toni-Anne, always gets rave reviews – and we plan to keep that up as we get busier. You may see some new names, but rest assured that each of our teammates is getting fully trained and is prepared to help you in the TL way.

We’re staying on top of our delivery schedules and making sure that the communication stays clear and honest. As always.

Our reputation for first-class quality and unrivaled service to our clients is intact – pandemic or not. But don’t take our word for it. Read all about it in this issue of our monthly newsletter!

Stay safe!