Why Designers (and Retailers) Love TL at Home

How do we love TL at Home?

Bartholet Home Furnishings‘ team of professional designers counts the ways and shares them here – in their own words – on their “What we love about TL at Home” list:
  • Top-notch customer service. When we call TL at Home, we always speak with someone who cares.
  • If there is ever a question, TL’s team members truly care about getting us the best information possible so we can make a smart buying decision for our client or showroom.
  • Our clients expect high-quality and luxurious bedding that is also functional and comfortable, and TL provides us with exactly that. We always feel confident in selling TL bedding.
  • TL offers timeless styles, beautiful fabrics and textures, and prints in hues that make pulling together stylish bedding ensembles a breeze.
  • TL’s customization ensures the product is perfect for a client’s unique needs.
  • The product offering is versatile enough to fit any style or genre. From grand-millennial chic to modern farmhouse, TL is always our go-to bedding. Here at BHF, our clients don’t fit into one mold, our client’s styles and preferences range drastically. TL is a great resource with such a variety of fabrics and bedding.
  • We love TL’s bold accent pillows, too! The VINTAGE VELVET and happy, bright prints, like our favorites HAYES, MAGGIE and SKYLAR, are always hits. Even if the bedding is simple and neutral, adding one of those prints to the ensemble gives a more curated feel.
  • TL is always on-trend and up to date with the latest fashions and color stories.

About Bartholet Home Furnishings (BHF):

When BHF opened its doors in 2003 in Conroe, Texas, the retailer + home decor services powerhouse set a key goal:

“Create a high-end furniture store offering luxurious furnishings, decor, and professional interior design assistance, all in one place.”

Since then, the Bartholet Family (Todd and Kim and their daughters, Emily and Sarah – seen here) and their team have exceeded on that objective, steadily growing the business into an industry hub: An expansive showroom featuring the upstairs products of 400+ vendors (proudly among them, TL at Home) PLUS an onsite design studio staffed with team of 10 full-time professional designers – all experts at bringing each client’s vision to life.

“When we need help with a client, TL’s team is ready to offer us solutions. They want to prevent us from making a mistake,” noted Sarah Bartholet Gwin. “They aren’t just trying to make a sale. At TL at Home, they really care about us and help us in every way they can to succeed. From one small business to another, we truly appreciate them.”

(Alisha Boring is our CODARUS territory sales rep for our Houston-regional retailer, designer and decorator clientele – including Bartholet Home Furnishings.)