Standard 400 TC sheeting is stocked in our warehouse for quick shipping.  In fact, our Standard pattern is prized for it’s easy care finish, making it one of the few luxury sheeting options with a truly simple care routine.  Standard is offered as sheet sets, duvet sets, and pairs of extra pillowcases for Twin, Full, Queen and King beds.  Made in Portugal exclusively for TL at Home.




At TL at Home, our collection of Standard stocked sheet sets exists to offer a competitively priced high-end alternative to ready-made sheets.  We craft these sets using only the finest cottons. Our weaving, printing, and finishing processes all operate with the highest standards of quality.  That’s the case with all our products, we do not cut corners; likewise, we do not skimp on quality and you can be sure that each piece is made with love.

Our fitted sheets have deep pockets and elastic all the way around.  Pillowcases have internal pockets to keep your sleeping pillows in place.  You will notice and appreciate the quality especially as you reach for these time and time again.

In addition to unique designs, we also offer the option for custom sizing in our sheeting patterns.  Need sheets for your custom sized mattress?  We can do that.  Need sheets for your yacht?  We can do that.  Our production happens one piece at a time, expressly for your order and we take care to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  We are committed to excellence at every step of the production process.  From design to packaging, you can be sure that your Sheet sets have indeed been made with love.  In addition to our Standard Sheeting, You can find the link to our Stocked Sheeting homepage here.