And That’s A Wrap!

We just completed our photo shoot for our 2022 Catalog, and now we’re finalizing all the images to get the pages to the printer in time for the book’s release in January!
A harmonious balance of hard work and plenty of fun, the experience was a true labor of love – made possible by dear family and friends.
Among them, my sister-in-law Elizabeth Kline Murphy, a freelance producer, who worked in tandem with photographer John Gruen of JRG Photo to make the process a success.
As Elizabeth put it, we had “a wonderful group of artists working together, being creative and enjoying what they do. I think that usually shows in the photos as well when everything is aligned in good energy.”
Indeed! The result is a thoughtful and enchanting portfolio of images featuring artfully assembled vignettes that juxtapose industrial architectural elements and vintage pieces with TL at Home’s latest batch of soft, textural luxury linens.
“Shari’s new collection speaks of graceful textures and a subtle natural elegance that work beautifully in our raw studio space,” Elizabeth added. “One thing that I love about our space is it’s history and all of the different industrial textures mixed with the light coming in from our old glass – this lends itself to being able to play with the other textures from her textiles in a very organic and mutually beneficial way. Tough, old industry meets soft natural elegance – opposites attract, if you will. One pallet is a perfect setting for the other.”

Reimagining Traditions…

Today, unlike any other time in recent memory, we as a society have been forced into doing just that, especially around the holidays.

Specifically for us here at TL at Home, we, too, have needed to reimagine our “Traditions” – adapting products and services around supply chain interruptions, responding to shifting trends, etc.

But change, as they say, is a good thing, and it’s also good to accept that truth to move forward successfully – both as an individual and as a business.

As owner + creative of TL at Home, I encourage my team to embrace the many evolving changes that continue to confront us. We are up to the challenges and are grateful for the opportunities to serve our customers’ varying needs.

I credit our collective can-do attitude with fueling our success, driving sales and keeping us busier than ever. We’re juggling myriad orders from customers and at the same time finalizing our 2022 catalog and new collections for the New Year. It’s hard to come up for air sometimes these days!

Which is exactly why I’m making a point to PAUSE…and…BREATHE.

With the holiday season upon us, I’m carving quality time with my family and friends. The Klines – me, my husband Travis and our teenage sons Gavin and Tait – will be celebrating an early Thanksgiving dinner with my mother in law & TL at Home founder Pamela Kline at her home here in Columbia County.

Then, we four will be off to Colorado to participate in the U.S. Elite Camps ski training. We’ll be there with other skiing families and friends over Thanksgiving week. I plan to take a break to meet up with our @CODARUS sales duo Robin Dorn and Becky Anderson to visit some of our customers in the area.

Come Thanksgiving Day, we’ll enjoy our feast with the other families and coaches traveling with us. To be sure, it won’t be the usual Thanksgiving festivity we typically have at home in Hudson, NY.

But I’m OK with a change this time around, as long as I’m with my three beloved men.

Whatever your plans this holiday season, we wish you many blessings!

And on behalf of our TL at Home team, we THANK YOU for your continued friendship and support.

With love,


2021 Gift Guide

The Holiday season is upon us. But don’t fret!

With our newly release TL at Home 2021 Gift Guide you’ll get your shopping done easily, early and exactly – finding the perfect present for all your loved ones.
Best of all: Everything on our gift guide is IN STOCK & QUICK SHIP!

Here are 5 compelling reasons to start your holiday shopping early with TL at Home:

🎁 Our comprehensive collection of easy-care, all-natural cotton and linen blankets, coverlets and throws – SO PERFECT for this holiday season’s return to warm gatherings with beloved family + friends

🎁 Ample IN STOCKS of your TL favorites + new additions to our assortment

🎁 Beautiful packaging (Save your time + the planet from gift wrapping. Our signature grosgrain ribbon packaging is elegant + sustainable!)

🎁 Consistently RELIABLE + QUICK quick drop-ship delivery to your door (or your gift recipients’ doors)

🎁 Lasting enjoyment from our products for years to come! Made of the finest fibers and fabrications, our heirloom quality linens only get softer and warmer with time and use.

Every Friday for the next 12 weeks, leading to Christmas Eve, we’re promoting our TL at Home 2021 Holiday Gift Guide on Instagram + Facebook (check it out and follow us!) and spotlighting this season’s 12 top gifts.

The MAGIC of TL at Home

M A G I C. Our product development process, in a word.

It sums up exactly what happens every time a new collection comes together: We make magic.

As owner + creative of TL at Home, I let my years of experience and unwavering love of design guide me in my quest for inspiration in all aspects of my life.

And then I let go. I let my eyes wander, my thoughts explore… and (like the old Yellow Pages advertisement used to say) I let my fingers do the walking. I sort through the samples I’ve collected since the last season. These can be things I’ve gotten from my travels in Portugal, things I’ve sourced from my fashion fabric vendors here in the U.S., colors I’ve been attracted to…all sorts of things that come across my radar and cling to my creative mind.

I’ve developed this way of seeing and then editing that involves the traditional design board plus my memory, and I let it all evolve over a period of time until the collection reveals itself to me.

It’s “magic” because, honestly, I don’t know how it actually all comes together. I just know to allow myself to be surprised that it will all work out despite how scattered I might seem.

This season, I’m very excited with what we’ve developed: An earthy palette around camel, marshmallow and charcoal hues to add spark to our core neutral color ways and invite loads of color pops; and, of course, lots of meaningful texture.

(Scroll down for a preview!)

After presenting previews over this past summer, we are ready to launch our Winter 2022 Collection – a generous new assortment of duvet covers, blankets, throws, coverlets and decorative pillows PLUS a new body pillow that all will love!

Explore our latest luxury bedding and accessories on our website or in person during High Point Market, Oct. 16-20, at our showroom in CODARUS in IHFC, H220.

And check out our October newsletter, which just released! Send us an email request to and we’ll send it right over to you!



Why Designers (and Retailers) Love TL at Home

How do we love TL at Home?

Bartholet Home Furnishings‘ team of professional designers counts the ways and shares them here – in their own words – on their “What we love about TL at Home” list:
  • Top-notch customer service. When we call TL at Home, we always speak with someone who cares.
  • If there is ever a question, TL’s team members truly care about getting us the best information possible so we can make a smart buying decision for our client or showroom.
  • Our clients expect high-quality and luxurious bedding that is also functional and comfortable, and TL provides us with exactly that. We always feel confident in selling TL bedding.
  • TL offers timeless styles, beautiful fabrics and textures, and prints in hues that make pulling together stylish bedding ensembles a breeze.
  • TL’s customization ensures the product is perfect for a client’s unique needs.
  • The product offering is versatile enough to fit any style or genre. From grand-millennial chic to modern farmhouse, TL is always our go-to bedding. Here at BHF, our clients don’t fit into one mold, our client’s styles and preferences range drastically. TL is a great resource with such a variety of fabrics and bedding.
  • We love TL’s bold accent pillows, too! The VINTAGE VELVET and happy, bright prints, like our favorites HAYES, MAGGIE and SKYLAR, are always hits. Even if the bedding is simple and neutral, adding one of those prints to the ensemble gives a more curated feel.
  • TL is always on-trend and up to date with the latest fashions and color stories.

About Bartholet Home Furnishings (BHF):

When BHF opened its doors in 2003 in Conroe, Texas, the retailer + home decor services powerhouse set a key goal:

“Create a high-end furniture store offering luxurious furnishings, decor, and professional interior design assistance, all in one place.”

Since then, the Bartholet Family (Todd and Kim and their daughters, Emily and Sarah – seen here) and their team have exceeded on that objective, steadily growing the business into an industry hub: An expansive showroom featuring the upstairs products of 400+ vendors (proudly among them, TL at Home) PLUS an onsite design studio staffed with team of 10 full-time professional designers – all experts at bringing each client’s vision to life.

“When we need help with a client, TL’s team is ready to offer us solutions. They want to prevent us from making a mistake,” noted Sarah Bartholet Gwin. “They aren’t just trying to make a sale. At TL at Home, they really care about us and help us in every way they can to succeed. From one small business to another, we truly appreciate them.”

(Alisha Boring is our CODARUS territory sales rep for our Houston-regional retailer, designer and decorator clientele – including Bartholet Home Furnishings.)

Crafting Beauty in Bedding …

…One stitch at a time

One of the hallmarks of our design process at TL at Home is artfully crafting applied trim patterns for our bedding. We love to take an interesting fabric and use it as an application for new sheets or duvets to create something beautiful and singular to TL at Home.
Our team of expert sewists cut the fabric and craft it into trim, and from there we design the perfect width and fine-tune the finishing. The result is always something fresh and new that brings joy.
A perfect example is our new FORD sheeting collection. Offered in a rainbow of fresh colorways (Navy, Taupe, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink + Light Blue), FORD features TL at Home’s own unique, 8-stripe band application on a luxury base sheet: percale, available in white or ivory; or sateen, available in white, ivory or eggshell.
For FORD, we opted for a raw edge-detail finish for added softness +  a modern pop to the design.
Launched this summer at High Point Market and Atlanta Market – and now Las Vegas Market (Aug. 22-26), we are thrilled (but not surprised 😉 about FORD’s growing fanbase among our designer and retail clients!
Meet FORD and fall in love at Las Vegas Market! We’ll be showing the collection in all its seven color options at our showroom in CODARUS, Building C-354 of the World Market Center.
Please note: All showroom visitors are required to wear a n approved face mask, regardless of vaccination status, as mandated by the State of Nevada.
You can also shop FORD here or contact your CODARUS territory sales rep to place an order.

Design is personal.

Town and Country Magazine recently reminded me of the late and great Gloria Vanderbilt’s ethos, “Decorating is autobiography.”


To create a bespoke space, we must draw inspiration from our own, collected-over-time, near-and-dear possessions, and build from there. That is the foundation of good design.

And that is at the crux of our tagline, “Made with Love.”

While unintentional, it is not by accident that these new decorative pillows to our growing line sit quite comfortably alongside this original work in my personal art collection.

The painting was done by my husband’s late grandmother, Wanda Waters Boyce (mother of Pamela Kline, founder of our company). Wanda was a prolific painter who enjoyed working in the style of artists she admired, and we are lucky to have many of her works in our home and my office. 

Launching this season from TL at Home is a new decorative pillow line that aptly answers the home decor industry’s need for unique and relevant decorative pillows.

We understand designers are increasingly interested in adding decorative pillows to their projects as a way to introduce color + texture + *personality* to a room, and we want to serve them with a fresh, specially designed assortment that could only come from TL at Home.

To that end, we have hired a new production team member who is leading our cut & sew department and brings a crisp and creative approach to pillow design. Together, she and I draw from within and look around to discover new ways to make interesting pillows that use fabrics we all love and make them appropriate for our production facility workroom process. 

It’s been a creatively satisfying approach to product design, and we are excited to roll out this collection!

 SEEN HERE: These particular pillows are made from our Brooklyn fabric (a buttery soft chenille style velvet featuring a gorgeous heathered weave for added depth) embellished with a sheer overlay application for a bit of sheen and finished with a modern raw edge detail for texture and surface interest. These pillows are offered in 4 colors (grey, blush, toast and snowdrop) and are priced at $230 each.

Legacy. Quality. Service.

As we get closer to Las Vegas Market, which marks this summer’s last trade show, I can’t help but think about how much has changed and what we’ve learned from the COVID-19 experience.

High Point Market in June was a whirlwind, proving our industry was ripe to reunite in person, safely. Then, Atlanta Market in July represented another important event for us with significant orders from key customers.

Our sights are now set on Las Vegas Market, Aug. 22-26. But caution is top of mind, as the Delta variant continues to sweep the nation and unvaccinated people are getting sick from the virus. There is still much fear and concern about how to proceed responsibly while balancing the growing and evolving needs of running a business.

That includes TL at Home. At Las Vegas Market, we are located in the CODARUS showroom, Building C-354, and will be following the safety guidelines and protocols of show organizer International Market Centers (IMC): Every attendee is required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

In the meantime, here at home in Hudson, NY, we busy fulfilling orders from our growing customer base. We are scaling up our production capabilities to meet rising demands, and keeping our commitment to service – first and foremost in our minds. We value the customer experience over everything else. Our customer service team, led by Toni-Anne, always gets rave reviews – and we plan to keep that up as we get busier. You may see some new names, but rest assured that each of our teammates is getting fully trained and is prepared to help you in the TL way.

We’re staying on top of our delivery schedules and making sure that the communication stays clear and honest. As always.

Our reputation for first-class quality and unrivaled service to our clients is intact – pandemic or not. But don’t take our word for it. Read all about it in this issue of our monthly newsletter!

Stay safe!



Sales Spotlight: Michelle Georges

Meet Michelle Georges, our Codarus territory sales rep for Northeast Texas.

A fourth generation Texan, Michelle is based in Dallas and works from our Codarus showroom in the Dallas Design Center – where she is available to meet with clients in person on Mondays + Fridays to present the TL at Home line on site. (Other work days, she’s on the road visiting customers!)

“I set up a lot of appointments with clients at the showroom, which is really driving my TL at Home business,” Michelle noted. “Having the product beautifully presented here, and available for customers to shop in person makes a big difference. They feel more apt to buy in this kind of setting.”

Our Vintage Velvets are a big draw to many of her customers. “They pull them right in! My customers just love the colors, the quality, the feel!”

But several other attributes about our line seal the deal, she went on.

“My clients love the flexibility TL offers. The options are almost endless. TL’s timeless aesthetic is applicable to many different decor styles, making it easy for clients to achieve an array of looks.”

Michelle explained: “I have super traditional clients, I have others who like a lot of color, and then I have clients who want a super clean modern look. TL is a great fit for all of them.”

Which brings her to TL’s easy-care, family-friendly attributes. “I have my five-year-old daughter, Amelia, and pets and a messy husband, and I am not afraid to have beautiful bedding from TL because I know it can be washed here at home and never lose its luxurious look and feel.”

Our “very responsive” customer service is “also important to my clients,” she noted.

“I’ve been in this industry a long time, working with different gifts and linens and decor companies, and I can tell you that not everyone responds quickly to customers’ needs. TL consistently has great customer service – ALL the time.”

If you are in the Dallas area and want to shop TL at Home, send her an Instagram DM @Codarus_MichelleG

In Person, Side By Side

Finally! So good to be back at the Atlanta Market and be able to see customers who have become dear friends, like Mary Ginocchio (center) of Mulberry & Lime in Lexington, Kentucky – seen here with our CODARUS territory sales manager for Kentucky + Tennessee, Nicole Klooster (right).

Nothing beats having an *in-person* meeting with Mary to show her *in person* the beautiful new products we’ve been working on over the past 18 months.

Mulberry & Lime is a terrific TL at Home partner, and we appreciate Mary’s willingness to try out new looks for her store while keeping the classics going. 

As we start turning the page this summer on the pandemic, I am thrilled to be present at the markets again to see my customers and work side by side with them. That’s my favorite part of my job 💛

It’s hard to describe just how special these friendships are, and how much I cherish them.

More on Mulberry & Lime:

The upscale home furnishings store marks its 20th anniversary this year. And its historic storefront boasts a much longer legacy as Mary’s childhood home. Built in the early 1800s, the house-turned-shop has been in her family for the past five generations. 

 Mulberry & Lime gives customers a one-on-one experience to help them create an ambience for their house to make every room feel like home. The offering spans luxury bedding as well as rugs, furniture and gifts.