Vintage Velvet Dress Topper


This easy, one size fits all topper made from our lovely silk vintage velvet and is great with both casual and formal attire!

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The vintage velvet dress topper is an asymmetrical over the head piece that can be worn in at least a dozen different variations.  The blend of silk and rayon picks up the light beautifully and the shape of this piece is just right so as to enhance any outfit, not take over.  You’ll keep this in your purse for chilly evenings and air conditioned rooms.  Wear it all year round.  On a summer evening, it can be worn with blue jeans and a white button down.  For fall events, your little black dress will thank you for it, and of course it will keep you warm through the holidays and beyond.  Don’t forget to pack it when you’re travelling… airplanes are always chilly!


Made to Order in Upstate New York.