The Vintage Velvet Dress Topper from TL at Home is an asymmetrical over the head piece, that can be worn in at least a dozen different variations.  The blend of silk and rayon picks up the light beautifully.  Also, the shape of this piece is just right to enhance any outfit, not take over.  You would keep this in your purse for chilly evenings and air conditioned rooms or if you just want to enhance a look.  Wear it all year round.  On a summer evening, you can wear it with blue jeans and a white button down.  For fall events, your little black dress will thank you for it, and of course it will keep you warm through the holidays and beyond.  Don’t forget to pack your Dress Topper when you’re travelling… airplanes are always chilly!

Made to Order in Upstate New York.



Vintage Velvet is a beautiful velvet made from silk and rayon.  It has a beautiful light quality and is so reflective with a gorgeous drape.  Purchase our Vintage Velvet dress topper in any of 22 colors we have carefully curated.  Give one as a gift, or keep one for yourself.  Make a statement this season with a washable vintage velvet scarf.

TL at Home style is classic and refined.   We like to call our dress toppers the jewelry of your outfit,  because the rich colors and shimmery hand of this Vintage Velvet dress topper make you feel fabulous wrapped up in it.  Vintage Velvet is also wonderful for top of the bed pieces.  Buy it by the yard or have us make it up into duvet covers, shams, and decorative pillows.  Find pricing for our made to order vintage velvet bedding collections here.

Our team of expert seamstresses cut and sew each piece by hand where our company has headquarters in Hudson, NY.  Wash your wearables at home in the machine using a gentle detergent and dry them on a low heat setting.  Steam your Vintage Velvet, but do not iron or use bleach.  Find the rest of our wearable collection here.

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Aluminum, Antique Rose, Apple Green, Black, Blue Green, Charcoal, Cider, Cobalt, Crimson, Cocoa, Dark Teal, Ivory, Jade, Kiwi Black, Mist, Moss, Nude, Oatmeal, Rose, Silver, Slate Blue, Teal