The MAGIC of TL at Home

M A G I C. Our product development process, in a word.

It sums up exactly what happens every time a new collection comes together: We make magic.

As owner + creative of TL at Home, I let my years of experience and unwavering love of design guide me in my quest for inspiration in all aspects of my life.

And then I let go. I let my eyes wander, my thoughts explore… and (like the old Yellow Pages advertisement used to say) I let my fingers do the walking. I sort through the samples I’ve collected since the last season. These can be things I’ve gotten from my travels in Portugal, things I’ve sourced from my fashion fabric vendors here in the U.S., colors I’ve been attracted to…all sorts of things that come across my radar and cling to my creative mind.

I’ve developed this way of seeing and then editing that involves the traditional design board plus my memory, and I let it all evolve over a period of time until the collection reveals itself to me.

It’s “magic” because, honestly, I don’t know how it actually all comes together. I just know to allow myself to be surprised that it will all work out despite how scattered I might seem.

This season, I’m very excited with what we’ve developed: An earthy palette around camel, marshmallow and charcoal hues to add spark to our core neutral color ways and invite loads of color pops; and, of course, lots of meaningful texture.

(Scroll down for a preview!)

After presenting previews over this past summer, we are ready to launch our Winter 2022 Collection – a generous new assortment of duvet covers, blankets, throws, coverlets and decorative pillows PLUS a new body pillow that all will love!

Explore our latest luxury bedding and accessories on our website or in person during High Point Market, Oct. 16-20, at our showroom in CODARUS in IHFC, H220.

And check out our October newsletter, which just released! Send us an email request to and we’ll send it right over to you!



Sales Spotlight: Michelle Georges

Meet Michelle Georges, our Codarus territory sales rep for Northeast Texas.

A fourth generation Texan, Michelle is based in Dallas and works from our Codarus showroom in the Dallas Design Center – where she is available to meet with clients in person on Mondays + Fridays to present the TL at Home line on site. (Other work days, she’s on the road visiting customers!)

“I set up a lot of appointments with clients at the showroom, which is really driving my TL at Home business,” Michelle noted. “Having the product beautifully presented here, and available for customers to shop in person makes a big difference. They feel more apt to buy in this kind of setting.”

Our Vintage Velvets are a big draw to many of her customers. “They pull them right in! My customers just love the colors, the quality, the feel!”

But several other attributes about our line seal the deal, she went on.

“My clients love the flexibility TL offers. The options are almost endless. TL’s timeless aesthetic is applicable to many different decor styles, making it easy for clients to achieve an array of looks.”

Michelle explained: “I have super traditional clients, I have others who like a lot of color, and then I have clients who want a super clean modern look. TL is a great fit for all of them.”

Which brings her to TL’s easy-care, family-friendly attributes. “I have my five-year-old daughter, Amelia, and pets and a messy husband, and I am not afraid to have beautiful bedding from TL because I know it can be washed here at home and never lose its luxurious look and feel.”

Our “very responsive” customer service is “also important to my clients,” she noted.

“I’ve been in this industry a long time, working with different gifts and linens and decor companies, and I can tell you that not everyone responds quickly to customers’ needs. TL consistently has great customer service – ALL the time.”

If you are in the Dallas area and want to shop TL at Home, send her an Instagram DM @Codarus_MichelleG

In Person, Side By Side

Finally! So good to be back at the Atlanta Market and be able to see customers who have become dear friends, like Mary Ginocchio (center) of Mulberry & Lime in Lexington, Kentucky – seen here with our CODARUS territory sales manager for Kentucky + Tennessee, Nicole Klooster (right).

Nothing beats having an *in-person* meeting with Mary to show her *in person* the beautiful new products we’ve been working on over the past 18 months.

Mulberry & Lime is a terrific TL at Home partner, and we appreciate Mary’s willingness to try out new looks for her store while keeping the classics going. 

As we start turning the page this summer on the pandemic, I am thrilled to be present at the markets again to see my customers and work side by side with them. That’s my favorite part of my job 💛

It’s hard to describe just how special these friendships are, and how much I cherish them.

More on Mulberry & Lime:

The upscale home furnishings store marks its 20th anniversary this year. And its historic storefront boasts a much longer legacy as Mary’s childhood home. Built in the early 1800s, the house-turned-shop has been in her family for the past five generations. 

 Mulberry & Lime gives customers a one-on-one experience to help them create an ambience for their house to make every room feel like home. The offering spans luxury bedding as well as rugs, furniture and gifts.